Monday, October 10, 2011

The Edmonds, Calls, and Cordell's!

3 seperate families that blend into one big beautiful one! I love this family and all they stand for. When I see them I see hard working, loving, funny, real, and TIGHTLY BOUND all wrapped up into one. They are amazing people with amazing personalities that really showed at the shoot. We shot at not the greatest time of day lighting wise but thankfully had some great shaded spots thanks to lots of trees, old barns/buildings and such! So glad they called me to do their shoot and I have to say the lighting quality of the last photo isn't spectacular but its hilarious! It's what happens when you try to get 3 kids 6 yrs and under to smile and pose in the extreme bright sun...I love the images that a child's innocence always brings to the shoot!  

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