Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reasons why you shouldn't give up on photos in the winter!

I have had a few families book some dates in december with me, but I'd love to explore the world of winter photo sessions this year some more and here's some reasons why you should get on board and book your session! =)

There can still be beauty found in the winter time for shoots. I adore the bleakness of the days of winter, the bare webs of branches in the background, the mute colors, and then my client popping out of the photo in a bright bold color of red, fuschia, aqua, green, etc! They make for such unique and artistic photographs! 

If your not into the bare look of the natural surroundings in the winter there's always the option of doing a downtown shoot, allowing the city scene to be your backdrop. Or finding a big old barn or bright colored building to supply our backdrop! 

Then there's always the cherished and beautiful snow photos! The pureness of the white blanket draped over God's earth with you and your family or significant other next to you capturing you guys being kids again playing in the untouched powder! They'll be photos you'll want hung all year 'round snow or shine! 

Other more practical purposes of a winter shoot would be that the turn around time for getting your photos back will be half the time if takes in the spring, summer, or fall because I'm not as slammed. Also if you're worried about red cheeks and snotty noses I can easily take care of that on my end in the editing process! Consider the possibilities and call me today to secure your date and session! 

I'm attaching a link to a photographer I follow who has an example of an engagement shoot done in the snow on his blog! Please take time to view it and let the images speak for themselves on how awesome a session together this time of year can be!

ALSO!! Any session booked in January or February will be 50% off the normal rate of the session! Call me today! 

Kat and John counting down to "I Do!" =)

I went to high school back at the 'castle' with John and Kat! =) They are such a fun and real couple and I had so much fun working with them! They were up for anything I asked of them including a "paint fight" the last 20 minutes of their shoot =) It was absolutely hilarious to watch and turned out some adorable photos that I know they'll cherish for a long time. So glad they were so much fun and enablers to my madness haha! I am looking forward to shooting their wedding on April 21, 2012 and sharing their special day with them! I know they'll go on to do great things as a couple because God is in the center of their relationship and is what fuels their love for one another! Congrats Kathleen and Johnathon!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Young Family aka Super adorable family!

Racheal and I got connected through a mutual friend (thanks summer!) that I'd done photos for and I'm so glad for that connection and the chance to do this shoot! We hit up an old farm about 20 minutes from where I live and had a blast. Her little girls are so beautiful and Abbie was an absolute blast! You honestly didn't know what she was going to do next, although you could pretty easily predict what she was going to say next at least because she's in that "repeat everything the adults say" stage. haha! They are a super sweet family that is so full of God's love and joy that it was contagious! I hope you enjoy the shots we gathered from their shoot =)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kali Morton- CMHS 2012!

Kali is such a sweet and beautiful girl! The camera certainly loves her =) We really captured some beautiful images of her. I always love senior sessions, because I know these photos are something you'll still have at least a few spare copies of laying around 20-30 years from now. Your kids will go back and laugh at your hair and that ridiculous outfit you had on. They'll see their mother/father as a person they never knew: Young, care-free, determined to impact the world, and yet not quite an adult themselves. I want to capture that person and that life exactly as it is in this moment in time so that they can look back on where they've come from and who they were in the start of this season known as "adulthood." This may seem entirely too deep and philisophical for a senior photoshoot, but its the truth. My session with Kali was a cold one, but the lighting was beautiful and the images turned out great! Thanks Melissa for calling me and honoring me with the job of doing your daughter's senior pictures! It was so great meeting you guys and getting to know you!

Codi Shipley- SAHS 2012!

Codi and I had a lot of fun! I started out by picking her up from school and got started straight away! We hit up some fun spots and despite the random creepers and chinese restaurant employees wanting to get in our shots in the alley, I can certainly call this session a success! I love when I get seniors like Codi that are quiet and shy but end up surprising you behind the camera because their personality comes to life! I hardly had to direct Codi at all she just did her thing =) I pray God blesses Codi in this new season she'll be stepping into full of being a grown up making grown up decisions. Listen to his voice and guidance Codi, and I know you'll go far to do great things!

Miller Family =)

This has to be the poster family for world's cutest little family! They are so beautiful and so great to be around. I really enjoyed our session and I must say if you ever see this baby is missing on the news I may have stolen that blue eyed beauty =)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The McCrackens!

Pastor Travis and Michelle are such great people! I'm so thankful for the kingdom connection made with these awesome folks and their kiddos are certainly a guaranteed great laugh! Little Reece always keeps you guessing on what hysterical thing he may pull out of his hat (or "hook" as he calls them) next! I really enjoyed their images and the personality the kids brought to them and I hope to get to shoot them again later on down the road! Enjoy the images from their session taken on an old piece of land with a deserted stable!

The Roberts' Family take on downtown!

So Miss Amiyah Grace (youngest and only girl of 5 kids) turned 1 in October so we did a session for her first birthday and snapped a few family shots that day too! We just wondered around downtown Charleston stopping in random alleys and scaring her kids to death! haha! I love doing shoots with this family because they are so pretty to look at and lots of fun too =) Thanks Tosha for booking me for yet another shoot. You rock!