Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reasons why you shouldn't give up on photos in the winter!

I have had a few families book some dates in december with me, but I'd love to explore the world of winter photo sessions this year some more and here's some reasons why you should get on board and book your session! =)

There can still be beauty found in the winter time for shoots. I adore the bleakness of the days of winter, the bare webs of branches in the background, the mute colors, and then my client popping out of the photo in a bright bold color of red, fuschia, aqua, green, etc! They make for such unique and artistic photographs! 

If your not into the bare look of the natural surroundings in the winter there's always the option of doing a downtown shoot, allowing the city scene to be your backdrop. Or finding a big old barn or bright colored building to supply our backdrop! 

Then there's always the cherished and beautiful snow photos! The pureness of the white blanket draped over God's earth with you and your family or significant other next to you capturing you guys being kids again playing in the untouched powder! They'll be photos you'll want hung all year 'round snow or shine! 

Other more practical purposes of a winter shoot would be that the turn around time for getting your photos back will be half the time if takes in the spring, summer, or fall because I'm not as slammed. Also if you're worried about red cheeks and snotty noses I can easily take care of that on my end in the editing process! Consider the possibilities and call me today to secure your date and session! 

I'm attaching a link to a photographer I follow who has an example of an engagement shoot done in the snow on his blog! Please take time to view it and let the images speak for themselves on how awesome a session together this time of year can be!

ALSO!! Any session booked in January or February will be 50% off the normal rate of the session! Call me today! 

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