Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kali Morton- CMHS 2012!

Kali is such a sweet and beautiful girl! The camera certainly loves her =) We really captured some beautiful images of her. I always love senior sessions, because I know these photos are something you'll still have at least a few spare copies of laying around 20-30 years from now. Your kids will go back and laugh at your hair and that ridiculous outfit you had on. They'll see their mother/father as a person they never knew: Young, care-free, determined to impact the world, and yet not quite an adult themselves. I want to capture that person and that life exactly as it is in this moment in time so that they can look back on where they've come from and who they were in the start of this season known as "adulthood." This may seem entirely too deep and philisophical for a senior photoshoot, but its the truth. My session with Kali was a cold one, but the lighting was beautiful and the images turned out great! Thanks Melissa for calling me and honoring me with the job of doing your daughter's senior pictures! It was so great meeting you guys and getting to know you!

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