Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry Christmas from Jakoby!

We have Jakoby for 4 nights this week =) What an awesome treat! So glad his mommy has given us some extra time with our favorite little butterball! We took advantage of his adorably cheerful attitude today and the nice december day of nearly 60 degrees and snapped some quick Christmas photos of him. I've tried to be good about getting a handful of decent pictures of him every season of his first year thus far. It blows my mind that we're just 2 weeks from him being 6 months old and he's getting better and better at sitting up by himself everyday. I feel like it was literally just a couple days ago that I was holding my beautiful 10lbs 9oz bruiser of a nephew for the first time! Now he's 29 inches long and 24lbs! yeah..huge. lol. We certainly have so much fun together and I can't thank God enough  for blessing our lives with him! I never knew you could love something so much. I have a special bond with him that I don't think I'll ever experience with another human being. He's so great. WEELL enough of my rambling because I could go on about him for hours =) here's a VERY merry christmas from Jakoby and our family to yours! Hope this precious face makes you smile as much as it does us!

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