Monday, October 3, 2011

What to wear to your photshoot

This has always been a general question asked of me when a family, senior, or newly engaged couple are booking their session with me, but lately its been the hot topic question from my amazing clients so i figured Its time to address it out in the open for all to know!

Your photoshoot is a time to capture who you are in this moment of time in your life. So I always reccomend just that: show up as who you are! =) You definitely can not pull off any look any better! The days of Black and Khaki, or white and jeans, or as we all know so well the matching polos are OUT! Since photography these days is taking a more fun and candid approach so can you with your clothing choices for the shoot! The goal is to have everyone complement each other, but not be too "matchy-matchy." I do reccomend avoiding giant logos but do encourage bold, patterns, and color!

Here's 2 statements i want you to take dearly to heart when considering what to wear:
Be Bold, and Its all in the details! lets break it down:

When I say "Be bold" I mean don't be afraid of COLOR! color is such a beautiful thing...our amazing God created so many amazing ones, so why shy away from it when its going to be in the images that follow us for a lifetime and are displayed along our walls and coffee tables with the people we love most in them?? Pick deep or rich colors for your shoot. They make your photos pop and make your color in your face warmer and richer too! I reccomend Jewel tones for they add such depth and drama to your photos! (emerald greens, purples, turquoise and blues, deep garnet reds etc.)

And now for what I mean by "It's all in the details":
Pick an accent color and run with it! like I said we don't want you to pick lets say green and all show up in your green polos and khaki pants. But we do all want to be wearing that shade somewhere in our outfit or a great shade of another color to compliment it. So lets go back to the example of picking green.. (in case you can't tell its my favorite color =) ) then pull in that beautiful emerald green by incorporating it in your accessories! Whether it be your scarf, jewelry, shoes, undershirts, tights, or hairbow those small details are what keep you from being the cookie cutter polo family but tie you in and compliment one another beautifully!

AND LASTLY! Don't be afraid to ask me, the pro! lol! =) I want to be involved in all the fine details of our photo experience together so that we produce the best images we possibly can to reflect your family, life, or love as a couple!

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