Monday, January 16, 2012

Addy and Hayden!

I really really love these girls! I have known them since Addison was 3 and Hayden was like 1 if even! It blows my mind that they are as grown up as they are! I crack up at how prissy/hilarious Hayden is and Addy is so sweet and loveable. They are such easy girls that will pretty much do whatever I ask of them including crawling through a scary old falling in house for pictures =) As Hayden said "That house is giving me the creeps!" haha! I gave away a free photoshoot for reaching a fan goal on my facebook page and Kelly and the girls were the lucky winners! We happened to get about 45 minutes of a break in the rain today and got our shoot in thankfully despite the yucky weather most of the day. Granted the clouds made for some beautiful lighting =) Thanks girls for another great shoot!

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