Sunday, January 15, 2012

Where have these 7 months gone?

You stole my heart immediately. Before the day you even made your appearance into this world I already loved you so much. I remember seeing your little face on the screen at your 4-D ultrasound and thinking, "You'll have anything you want from me!" When June 16th came, the day mommy was to be induced at 39 weeks, it wasn't too soon by any means! I had hardly slept more than 5 hours a night the week leading up to the day afraid I'd miss a call saying you were coming on your own. As Nanny, daddy, and I were driving at 6:30a.m. to Cabell Huntington Hospital I talked to Jesus. I asked him to please keep mommy and Jakoby safe and let your big birthday be smooth and worry-free! And it was just that. about 12 hours after starting the Pitocin you made your appearance! You were here! At 10lbs 9oz and 21 inches long you were certainly not the "runt of the litter" in that nursery! =) Aunt MiMi's life long best friend has finally made it into the world. When I got my hands on you I knew one thing: I was right at what I said at the ultrasound. You will have anything you want from me, and I plan to give you the world if I can!  

It seems hardly possible that we were your anxious welcoming committee already 7 months ago! Where has it gone? I look back on your fresh, brand new baby face and think how much you've grown. You're so beautiful! You and MiMi can't go out anywhere together without getting stopped every little bit and told A. What a BIG boy you are and B. How gorgeous your blue eyes are =) They are very right on both of those things! You're already weighing in at about 25lbs and close to 30inches long! We love out squishy monkey! You are always so happy and you're belly laughs and giggles are what get me through the day. You are at such a fun stage right now! So curious and learning all kinds of new tricks. You've started clapping and MiMi has you pursing your lips and blowing out making "spit faces." lol. I teach you all your best attributes! One of your favorite hand games is patty cake. You and Nanny can sit and play it over and over and you never grow bored. Neither does she =) You've just learned how to throw things in the last few days and I must say you have quite an arm on you! Our little A-Rod! Aunt NeeNee bought you a soccer ball for christmas and you immediately picked up on how to kick at it with your feet. Our natural born athlete for sure =) You are quite the hilarious little guy. You keep us constantly laughing! You currently are rocking 8 beautiful white little teethers in that mouth and I must say that are lethal! Coming near your mouth with any loose fingers is more dangerous than stepping in a bear trap! You always give MiMi kisses when she asks for them and they're always extra long and extra slobbery! The absolute best kind if you ask me. You can sit up by yourself and have learned how to take steps when we hold you by the arms and stand you up. SO crazy to me! Your clothing size is 12-18mths and your shoe size is either a 4 or a 5 depending on the brand.
Yes you're growing fast, and yes its so bittersweet, but I must admit its the most intriguing and important thing in my life watching you grow and develop! You are the apply of our family's eye and you are so loved by everyone who knows you! I look so forward into the next big stages ahead of us! Walking, your first words, watching your little personality continue to bloom, and falling more in love with you every day! So happy 7 month birthday my precious squirt! I can't wait to see what all you discover in these next 4 weeks!

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